Saturday, May 23, 2009

Herd Bound

If Sadie was a horse we would say that she's herd bound.  She likes everyone to be home and when everyone is home she likes everyone to be in one room where she can keep an eye on us.  The other day she was sitting on the line that divides the living room from the kitchen.  Grumpa walked by, headed towards the bathroom.  She followed after him.  He got there first and closed the door.  There was a shriek of outrage.  She crawled over to the door and started to beat her little fist on it.  

She was also horrified when we went to dinner at Applebees earlier this month.  The whole family was in Redding but we had decided to go our separate ways for dinner.  Nani and Grumpa and Nini and Gigi were in one car and Paul and Sadie and I headed off in another car.  When we got to Applebees we realized that everyone was there, but we decided to sit separately.  Sadie was fine until she realized that everyone else was there too.  Then the hysterics started.  Sadie is usually very good when we eat out, she likes to watch people and coo at every single person that passes her high chair.  Instead, after she calmed down, moped through the meal, wining and occasionally making crying sounds (no actual tears).

She also hates when we walk and I run into my garden to move the sprinkler around or change the water.  Even though it's only a few feet away it means that my back is turned to her and that is just not acceptable.  Screaming is usually involved.

We don't usually have to worry if one of the horses gets out of the corral as long as the others are still penned up.  The one that's out won't leave the others.  Watching Sadie play at the playground is similar to watching the horses when one of them is out.  She crawls a few feet away from my feet, turns, looks to make sure that I'm there, crawls another step and then turns around and sprint crawls back to my feet.  I hope she's herd bound for a while longer.  I think that pretty soon I'll be chasing after her!

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