Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Robby's Visit to California

Sadie and Cousin Robert
Sadie has a handful of cousins on either side of the family (and there is another on the way!).  One of her cousins, a young man by the name of Robert, is almost ten years old.  He and Grumpa have had a disagreement for years.  You see, they both claim that they are Sponge Bob Square Pants and that the other is his loyal sidekick Patrick Star.  Today we have conclusive evidence that Grumpa has been telling the truth all along.  Robert is Patrick Star.  Grumpa is Sponge Bob.  Here are some snap shots from Robby's quick trip out to California for the day.

Grumpa and Robert Visit Sammy

Robert Takes a Ride in the Wheelbarrow

Robert Climbs the Hay Stack

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