Saturday, May 2, 2009


All parents probably wonder what their baby is going to look like.  The first question is usually whether they are going to welcome a boy or a girl.  And then there are more specific questions.  Will the baby have their mother's nose or maybe their father's smile?  

We are starting to get some ideas with Sadie.  Some people may not know that when Paul's hair is left to it's own devices it becomes incredibly curly.  Since I've always been a little bit bored with my own hair and it's inability to hold curls, I wondered what Sadie's hair would look like when it finally came in.  

I do admit that I've been hoping that she gets some of Paul's curls.  And now that her hair is starting to fill in (and while it is hard to tell in pictures it is rapidly turning blonde) we're starting to get some ideas.  Especially since it has started to rain.  

Yesterday the humidity started to affect Sadie's hair.  In fact, it transformed it.  She went from having thickening, flat, golden hair to having cute little half curls.  It's hard to see in pictures, but I tried to take it at the best angle so you could get some idea.

And she loves to have her hair brushed with either her little yellow comb from the hospital, or the little red cross brush that came with her first aid kit.  

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