Friday, July 10, 2009

A Busy Day

Sadie, who has not taken a nap since early this morning, is still refusing to go to sleep. She's almost gotten there a few times, but then she seems to snap back to life and is more determined than ever not to close her little, very sleepy, eyes.

We had a very exciting day today. Grumpa was out working on the tractor this morning, so Sadie and I headed out. She practiced walking, holding my hand, down the driveway, stopping every few steps to feel the gravel and dirt and pine needles with her fingers. At least she didn't try to eat any of them though. She did however, try to eat the lavender (I guess it smells good enough to eat).

After we made it down the driveway (after a brief visit with one of the horses who was grazing on the lawn) we headed over to watch Grumpa clean one of the corrals with the tractor. He had a giant rake hooked to the back and was driving forwards and backwards, which Sadie thought was great fun. When he noticed us he drove the tractor over and Sadie rode about ten feet with Grumpa, which was the high point of the day. The tractor's steering wheel has a round blue knob on it and after about three minutes Sadie was brave enough to grab on to it. It took some convincing to get her to let go. After that we did a bit more walking practice, swung on the porch swing, read some books and then headed back inside.

We were going to go to the pool today, but Sadie's morning nap was a little late, and it's best to get to the pool early on Friday's because Friday is a free day and it get very crowded. So hopefully we'll have time to go tomorrow.

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