Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sadie and Her Chapel Veil

Sadie's veil (which was my veil before she claimed it for herself) has become her lovey. When she's upset it instantly calms her. She can sit perfectly still and stare in the mirror when it's on her head. She even wore it in the car for the majority of the four hour drive to the bay area and then took it off and clutched it against her cheek. This morning when she started to fuss during the homily at Mass I pulled the veil from my bag and handed it to her. She tries to put it on her head but she's not quite coordinated enough, so I usually have to help her. This morning she wore it for the last part of Mass without even raising her hand to take it off (after a quick game of peekaboo). When we went up for communion she held perfectly still and smiled the entire time. I think her veil makes her feel special and it seems to help her stay still, for now anyways!

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  1. Look how cute! If I had owned a chapel veil when I was her age, I never would have taken it off. You would have found me out in the yard making mud pies in a white mantilla.


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