Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Baby Can Read (kind of)

We have been reading, reading, reading. There are two things that Sadie wants to do all the time. One is going outside (which is out of the question since the forecast had it at 103 today and 106 tomorrow). The other is reading her books. As you may remember, when Sadie was very small, I got sucked into watching a infomercial during the small hours of the morning after days with only a few short hours of sleep. In three easy, automatic payments, we purchased the Your Baby Can Read program. It took two months to get here (punishment for not paying extra for the expedited processing?) and by the time it arrived I had time to rethink spending so much on something I was pretty sure wouldn't work.

While Sadie refused to even watch the dvd portion of the program in the beginning, much less look at the books, she was hooked after a month. I really didn't think that they would work, and we didn't watch them consistently, but if I needed to get something done I could count on twenty minutes of silence if I put her in the exersaucer or playpen and put on one of the disk.

Lately, Sadie's started pulling out the Your Baby Can Read Board Book and bringing it over so we can look at it. And now I'm beginning to think that there might be something to the program. I showed Sadie the word arm and she touched her arm. When we do ears she touches her ears. The other day when Nani asked where her teeth were she pointed in her mouth. She also pointed out an elephant when I asked her too. But the biggest step I saw was when we were looking at a picture of a little girl reading a book. I asked Sadie to point to the book. Instead of pointing at the picture she pointed to word "book." Since the heat wave doesn't seem to be letting up I guess we'll be reading even more than usual! I wonder what she'll learn next.

P.S. For those of you who were worried about Theodore, we still haven't seen him... Hopefully he'll turn up tomorrow! Poor little guy!

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