Saturday, July 11, 2009

Catholic Books for Little Hands

I've been searching since I found out I was pregnant for the best books to help instill a love of reading in Sadie at a young age. She's at a picky age and while she loves books (we went through a phase where she loved to throw books and I'm glad that's over), which books she loves changes on a day to day basis.

I particularly wanted to find Catholic children's books and was rather disappointed when I would order some that were advertised for young children (i.e. preschoolers) that were more appropriate for tweens. However, I finally found a line of books that are perfect for little kids and I love them. They are the St. Joseph Carry-Me-Along Board Books by George Brundage. Sadie's favorite is We Go To Mass. For a while we were keeping it in the car and we would end up reading it three or four times on the fifteen minute drive from our house into town. She's also a big fan of Our Blessed Mother and Our Guardian Angels although we haven't read them nearly as much. I think that the next time I place an order at EWTN it will be for Our Friends the Saints, which looks just as good as the others. It may be a while though. Our house is starting to look like a library and there really isn't any room for anything new to come in.

That brings me to tomorrow's blog (I hope!). I don't know if I put this in my first post, but we've been on a tight budget since last July (08) when my husband left his last job (which is a long story), effectively cutting our budget by about 75% (and it really was just above the poverty line to begin with!). We currently live in a cabin that is 10 x 15 feet. I love the cabin. I just wish it had running water. The last year has taught me just how much we don't need. So tomorrow I'm going to do a post on our little home. If I can be creative enough maybe I can start a weekly post on how much you can do on very little. It's actually a lot more fun than I thought.

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  1. While we don't have any children yet, my husband and I have often remarked on how little material we can find for young Catholic children. All we've seen are from a catalog that still sells items that were copyrighted 50+ years ago. I think it's a sad statement of the times.

    Looking forward to reading your next post! I love hearing stories of how others live in what the culture defines as "unliveable" circumstances. :)


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