Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back on Antibiotics

We went to Redding yesterday for the doctor's appointment and she has a double ear infection yet again. She has also decided that she has had enough of taking medicine of any kind and is going to fight tooth and nail to keep the medicine dropper out of her mouth. This resulted in her antibiotic getting on her clothes, her car seat, my seat and on Paul's clothes. She can be very determined when she sets her mind to something. Luckily, this morning she seems to have softened her stance on medicine and I was able to get her to take baby tylenol. I'm just hoping she got enough of the antibiotic down for it to start working (I think she swallowed more than half).

It isn't working very quickly this time though, and she was up most of last night with a fever. Poor little thing! She has been taking good naps during the mornings these last few days though, because she's so exhausted from being up all night. Hopefully by tonight she'll be feeling well enough that I can write a real blog and post pictures.

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