Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sadie the Sponge

Sadie took a few more steps today! She seems to think of it as something fun to do rather than a mode of transportation. But she is getting steadier and steadier every day. She's also more willing to walk around outside holding my hand. We walked all the way down the driveway to the loop part of our dirt road and then about ten minutes later we walked all the way from Nani and Grumpa's house to Nini and Gigi's house.

Sadie is soaking up everything around her like a little sponge. She spent some time examining the gravel in the driveway and then, when I was working in the garden she dug in the wood chips on the path. She's very dainty, even when she's digging. She would pick up a handful or wood chips, move them and then shake her hand. When the wood chips wouldn't come off she would wait for me to brush them off. She wouldn't pick up another handful until her little hand was clean.

We also went to the pool today and Sadie was thrilled to be back in the water. She squealed as soon as her feet touched it and then giggled hysterically as I pulled her around. We were the only people there, so Sadie had the entire pool to herself, although I think she prefers having a bunch of kids around to watch.

She and Pumpkin are also having more and more close calls. The cat hasn't seemed to realize that the baby is much faster than she used to be (and just as grabby as ever) and Sadie hasn't realized that Pumpkin has sharp claws and a short temper. This can't end well!

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