Monday, July 20, 2009

A Flash of Bareness

There has been a small naked baby being wrangled into her swimming pool on the front porch these last few days. In her defense, it has been 106 degrees and I have ruled that that is simply too hot to go the fifteen miles into town to go to the pool (which has absolutely no shade). So we have been swimming in the blow up pool on the porch. Tomorrow after Mass and brunch with Diane we'll brave the heat and go to the pool in town again.

The What to Expect in the Toddler Years Book says that soon Sadie should be able to remove one article of clothing. We actually already have that one covered. She is in the 25% of thirteen month olds that can take of her pants. Twice I've come into the room after leaving for just a moment to find her pantless in her playpen. I'm not sure how she does it, because I've never actually seen her in action. I just know that one moment she's wearing pants and the next she's not.

She also said what sounded like "I love you" today. When it was repeated back to her she laughed hysterically. I'm taking that as confirmation that that was actually what she meant to say (wishful mom thinking?).

And we've started a weekly tradition. We discovered today that our library has a board book section. So far Sadie is a bit wary of the books that we checked out (they are clearly not her books, i.e. the books she has memorized) but I think they'll grow on her. Just in time to go back to the library.

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