Monday, July 13, 2009

The Odd Couple: Puddy and Sadie

In a typical day a portion of each evening is spent separating Sadie and our seventeen year old geriatric tabby cat Pumpkin (fondly known as Puddy) from each other. Neither seem to realize the danger involved in each interaction. Sadie doesn't have "gentle" down yet and Pumpkin, despite seventeen years of training, has never had a gentle day in her life (her motto is "bite or scratch now, ask questions later"). The other day I documented an encounter. No blood was shed during this meeting of the minds, although there was some biting.

Here, for once in Sadie's short life, Pumpkin is doing the right thing and walking away. It looks like things might turn out alright after all. But then for some reason she turns. I hold my breath and try not to hover. After all, Grumpa is right there...

Puddy walks over and sniffs the baby. Sadie holds perfectly still. Maybe this time she senses danger, however if she does it certainly doesn't show in the delight on her little face. Instead she beams at the cat... right up until the moment that Puddy bites her... not hard but still...
After nipping Sadie's hand Pumpkin feels that it would be prudent to move on. Sadie however has other ideas and goes flying after her, adoration showing in her expression. They are such an odd little pair!

Another Note: While I was in the other room writing this I heard cheering. When I came in Nani and Grumpa said that Sadie has been walking all over the room. She also took ten steps to me after playing in her kitchen today. I wonder how long it will be before she really replaces her crawling with walking.

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