Monday, July 27, 2009

Wash Clothes and Bath Time: The Coolest Thing in the World

Today Sadie decided that the funniest thing in the world was picking up a wash cloth, putting it into the water in her bath tub and then holding it up in the air and watching the water drip out. Repeating this action over and over again held her attention for a solid ten minutes. I now have a new idea of things we can do inside while the heat wave continues (it was 109 degrees here today). We can go upstairs and play in Nani's bath tub! There are even jets!

Since the ear infection Sadie has also decided that she needs to nurse every half hour or so. That has also been keeping us very busy. I'm ready for her appetite to go back to normal and for her to decide that she likes solid foods again. A twenty-six pound baby cannot survive on milk alone!

That's right, I said it, she's now twenty-six pounds. I knew that there was a reason that I have a hard time holding her for an entire Mass or carrying her around a store when she's feeling small. A while back I found a little book that I had made when I was seven. In it I wrote things like "my name is Cammie" "my favorite color is blue" and "my hair is blonde" (it was when I was little). I also wrote "I am seven years old and thirty three pounds." I think Sadie might catch my seven year old weight by next year. She's definitely "thriving!"

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