Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Need Sleep!

It's official. We have our days and our nights reversed. Sadie is exhausted during the day, but was ready to get up and play last night. She still seems to be getting over being sick and has been extra snuggly. We spent a good portion of the day on the couch, in the air conditioned house, avoiding the heat (today it was 107 here, according to the thermometer) and cuddling. In my defense I haven't slept much in the last 96 hours or so. So it was a pretty lazy day.

I will be glad when it cools down again. We haven't even gone to the pool much lately (before Sadie got sick even) because of the heat. It's simply too hot to be out in the sun and the beautiful new community pool in our town has one definite flaw: no shade whatsoever.

Sadie is getting much more vocal. I've been wondering if she's going to be a late talker (she may still be) because she's so good at expressing herself using her own little made up signs. She can pretty much tell anyone what she wants by pointing and because she's the only little one here, she can usually convince someone to get it. She really doesn't see any need, so far, to say words. However, lately she's been getting in moods where she talks and talks. Her favorite phrase this week, other than the typical "mama mama mama" and "dada dada dada" is "ya ya ya ya ya." She walks around the house saying it at the top of her lungs. I definitely prefer it to "no!" though!

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