Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Growing Up in the Country

A rather startling sight met our eyes this afternoon when we looked out the window at Nini and Gigi's house.  Children may learn about life and death a bit earlier in rural areas (luckily Sadie had no idea what was going on).  But maybe I should go back a few hours.

Earlier in the day Sadie had just woken up from her nap.  She rolled over and looked out the window.  What met her gaze?  A beat up little ground squirrel named Theodore that hangs around our back porch stealing bird seed.  He actually stares down our cats on a daily basis and today he was staring right into Sadie's face.  He's quite a little character with on torn ear and his cheeks stuffed full of thistle seeds.

Fast forward two hours.  We walk down the driveway in the hundred plus degree weather (it's supposed to be 103 here tomorrow and 106 in Redding) thinking cool thoughts.  Sadie showed Nini and Gigi what a good walker she has become (she actually walked a distance of about ten feet today and she's now walking from place to place as a way of traveling instead of just a cool trick, which is what it was before).  As we were getting ready to go home Nani said "Look, there's a fox outside."  We all went to the door to see the fox, because they usually don't come out during the day unless they are rabid (and we were hoping these weren't rabid).  There were actually two foxes and they looked happy and healthy with their sleek coats and their bushy tails.  

And then we saw what they were doing.  One of them snapped it's mouth and caught a ground squirrel (that we hadn't seen).  Then he shook his head and broke it's neck.  He trotted behind the garden shed, and when he reappeared on the other side he had two squirrel's in his mouth, flopping limply.  A few moments later the other fox trotted after him and they disappeared in the brush.  

We're hoping it's not Theodore.  While he is a bird seed thief he's kind of like a pet.  Nani doesn't even lock up all the bird seed so that he won't go hungry.  He's probably the best fed squirrel in the area during winter!  I'll be keeping my eyes open and hopefully we'll see him tomorrow.  

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  1. gosh I love reading your blog cammie! thanks for writing it.


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