Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flying the Not So Friendly Skies...

This is not the kind of blog that I like to write but I just had to share this because I think mom's with babies should be warned and should definitely think twice before flying Continental.

I am so angry right now! We just got home from a trip and a seat had been purchased for my one year old daughter so I wouldn't have to hold her the entire time, from Boston to Houston and then Houston to Sacramento. We had reserved seats when we booked the tickets, but when we changed days I guess the seat reservation got lost.

However, we arrived at the airport three hours early. On our way there I checked to make sure we were all seated together, but on the way back I was so busy juggling the baby, the stroller and all the bags that I didn't glance at the tickets until we were on the plane. At that point I found that my one year old daughter had been seated several rows away from me. For this leg I begged the man who had the seat to switch with me (I figured who would want to sit by a one year old anyway?) and while the woman he was traveling with was angry (and rude) he agreed to let me have the seat and he took my seat.

We got to Houston two hours before the connecting flight and I went straight up to the desk and asked for help. The woman there said she couldn't help me and passed me along to another person. About eight representatives later I got a number for Continental and called them.

I was told that it was not there responsibility to ensure that I was seated with my daughter and that of course they wouldn't call the passenger in the row with my daughter up to ask them to switch seats, because that would inconvenience the other customer and I couldn't seriously ask them to do that. I explained that she was a baby and still breastfeeding and they apologized but said that it simply wasn't there problem. I was in tears at this point.

I told them that I would never fly Continental again. When we got on the flight I stood next to my baby until the passenger whose seat I was in arrived and he agreed to change with me. It was just so much drama for something that seemed like it should be easy! If you buy a ticket with a baby you should be seated with that baby! And at least in my mind that should definitely be part of the airline's responsibility!

If your a mom with a baby I would seriously consider another airline!

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  1. I am so sorry! I cannot believe they would do something like that.


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