Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Many Words

We are pointing, pointing, pointing. Some babies wave. Not us. We point. Because of this skill Sadie's able to tell us a lot about the different words that she understands. The game of the day was having Mommy or Nani say a word and then pointing out what it was. Here are the words we know so far.

1) Mommy
2) Daddy
3) Nani
4) Grumpa
5) Horse
6) Tractor
7) Kitty
8) Abby (her baby doll)
9) Hat (the stained beanie cap that she stole from me)
10) Flower
11) Ball (she realized today that the picture in the book was the same ball as her beach ball)
12) Neko (the name of her other Kitty)
13) Lion (her push cart lion)
14) Cow (the neck rest that looks like a cow that we picked up in Houston)
15) Truck
16) Book
17) Teeth
18) Ears
19) Hair

Words that she pretends not to understand
1) No
2) Time Out
3) Nose (I don't know why this is, but whenever I try to point out her nose she looks disinterested)

And her new, favorite word to say

1) "ine" (which is apparently "mine")

I think she is officially a toddler!

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