Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Post Card Souvenir Story Book

I have a new craft project that I'm working on. I got the idea out of one of the many free parenting magazines that magically started appearing in my mailbox shortly before Sadie was born. Once I finish it I'll take some pictures and post it on here. The idea is to buy post cards while your on vacation (which I did at all the little shops while we were in Plymouth and Boston) and then take a hole punch and punch holes on the left hand side of each one so you can bind them together with a key ring, like a little book.

If your kids are old enough you can have them write what they did each day on the back of the post cards. When you get home you have an instant journal. Since Sadie isn't big enough to write on the back of the post cards I wrote a story myself so that she can look at it when she gets older (and in this case so she knows something about the place that Daddy and her Gramma and Grampa and Aunts and Uncles and cousins are all from).

I worked on ours in the plane (I even drew little pictures) and would have finished it if Sadie was ever the normal type of baby that sleeps when she's in a moving car seat. As she isn't, she woke up (although she did sit very nicely watching the clouds go by outside of the window). Hopefully it will turn out as cute as it sounded in the magazine. I'll post the pictures as soon as I finish it!

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