Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Vacation to Massachusetts!

We got home this morning after an amazing trip to visit our family in Plymouth. Sadie got to meet her Massachusetts cousins (she'll get to meet her Texas cousins in November) and her Aunts and Uncles. The week flew by! It felt like we had just arrived and unpacked and suddenly it was time to head back to California.

The trip had so many highlights that it's hard to pick out particular moments. We went to a Red Sox game at Fenway and Sadie actually sat quietly through the first four innings (we headed back to our hotel, which was next to Fenway and watched the rest of the game in our room). We went to a family party at the beach and Sadie got her feet wet in the bay. In Boston Sadie played at the Boston Children's Museum, rode on a carousel and went to the Museum of Fine Arts. And we got our pictures taken at an old time photo place.

Sadie was fascinated by her cousins. She hasn't been around very many people her own size for any extended period of time and while she definitely doesn't have the sharing concept down she loves watching other kids play (and trying to take their toys away from them while Mommy runs interference and returns them).

She also started walking while we were on our trip. She's not running around, but she has taken four steps several times (then she throws herself to the ground and starts racing at a crawl sprint).

She was even good on the plane. She had a window seat and she looked out the window quietly for long periods of time without making a sound. She was such a good little traveler.

Now I have to go to convince her that it's bedtime. She seems to be a little confused about the time change and now she's thinks she's supposed to be awake all the time!

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