Sunday, July 19, 2009

We're Home! Again!

After a long day of driving we are finally home! Sadie is playing with Paul, because after a couple of nine o’clock nights she has come to believe that that is her bedtime (it’s not!). The reunion was a lot of fun, but the days were also very long! We got to SMC at 8:30 and we ended up going home after the reunion Mass Saturday night before meeting up again with Danny and Michelle for dinner at our hotel. That meant we finally got back to our room at nine o’clock, making it a 12+ hour day. That’s a long time to be away from hotel or home with only a diaper bag, especially in 97 degree heat.

The reunion committee sent us an email on Thursday claiming that the high for the weekend was supposed to be 82 degrees. As we were walking out the door Grumpa checked on his computer and the forecast was 97. Grumpa’s forecast (unfortunately) turned out to be the right one.

Sadie finally got to meet Rosy, one of my best buddies from college, who was deployed to Iraq about a half a year before Sadie was born. After just under a year and a half deployed she is back it was great to see her! Sadie also got to see both Rosy and Michelle jump in the pool fully clothed. It really was that hot!

Now it’s off to get Sadie ready for bed. Maybe we can get that bedtime back to normal! I'll post some of the numerous pictures that we took tomorrow!

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