Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finding Things to Do on a Hot Day!

The heat wave continues (109 with dry lightening today) so we're having more fun coming up with things to do indoors today. That usually ends up meaning lots of books. Sadie is surprising us every day. This morning she was looking at one of her books with Nani. She pointed at a picture of a girl with her arms in the air and then looked up at Nani to make sure that Nani was looking at the picture. Then she put her arms back up in the air.

Earlier in the week there was also the incident with Grumpa's slippers. He had come in from working outside for the day and he was wearing his slippers (which Sadie loves to untie). He took them off when he sat down on the couch. Sadie scurried over, grabbed the slippers with a grin that said that she definitely thought she was being naughty, then hurried over to her playpen and dropped them into it. Then she turned around to see if she'd gotten any reactions.
We did go out side early this morning and Sadie walked halfway up the drive way and back, but it was already very hot!

Later in the day when she was tired she sat on my lap and we looked at the library board books that we checked out last week. Usually when we get to the last page of the dinosaur book, I ask her which dinosaur is her favorite and she points to one of them. Today she didn't point when I asked her (she was very tired, despite a long early afternoon nap) so I pointed to the pink and blue dinosaur and said that it was my favorite. She usually picks one of three other dinosaurs (out of about ten) and never picks the pink and blue dinosaur. When I asked her again she smiled hugely and then pointed to the pink and blue dinosaur. Then the weather came on the news (she loves watching the weather report) and she pushed down the book so she could see the forecast for the next week. Maybe she's going to be a meteorologist!

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