Thursday, July 16, 2009

Teddy's Alive!!!!

Here's a picture of Sadie waiting at the spot that Teddy shows up....

...And Theodore showed up today to steal seeds from the bird seed bag and we're all relieved to see that he wasn't one of the ground squirrel's who got his neck snapped by the fox. Nani was so happy to see him that she took a bowl of blueberries that were getting too ripe and put them on the back porch so that he could steal them. He was bold enough (as usual) to peek in through the window at us.

Tomorrow morning we leave for my five year college reunion. Sadie's isn't going to be excited about another four plus hour car ride, but hopefully she'll nap most of the way. She has had a bit of a head cold and she actually napped for five hours today (three hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon). Since she wasn't feeling all that well I didn't want to wake her, but I hope she gets some sleep tonight, since she seems well rested.

Her walking has improved exponentially. She is now walking to get from place to place instead of just walking to practice walking. She still looks delighted most of the time when she's doing it and sometimes she stops halfway across the room to clap for herself (about a quarter of the time the clapping naps her over).

Oh, and I forgot to tell everyone yesterday about our new visitors. Just before the sun went down a mom deer showed up with two tiny fawns that couldn't be more than a couple weeks old. Hopefully they stick around for a while. Tucker and Taylor, our resident deers both have grown quite a bit and have antlers now! It would be nice to have fawns running around!

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