Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sadie's Trip to the Zoo

We fled from the heat today and after two hours of driving, we were at the coast. It was 107 in Junction City. It was 60 degrees in Eureka! I didn’t realize it until now, but I miss 60 degree weather. I miss comfortably wearing long sleeves. I even miss wearing a coat! We spent time at the beach, went Geocaching, had a great lunch at the Samoa Cookhouse (which is all you can eat) and went to the Zoo! The Zoo was definitely the high point of Sadie’s day, although she was also thrilled about walking on the beach and looking at shells (and kicking her little foot into a puddle of slimy foam, which she then became obsessed with).

At the Zoo we saw monkeys and bears (it’s a pretty small zoo) and pink flamingos. The funniest thing though was a big white turkey that fell in love with Sadie’s stroller (we think that it has probably learned that food tends to fall from strollers) and followed us for about half an hour. We had to watch Sadie because after gently petting the turkey a few times she started to be less gentle. She didn’t seem to realize that the turkey was quite a bit bigger than her, although she definitely had him in weight.

Sadie also showed that she won’t be influenced by Mommy or Daddy when she got to pick a stuffed animal at the Zoo Gift Shop. We picked out three stuffed cats, a bobcat (that I liked the best), a white tiger (that Paul liked the best) and an orange tiger that I put in just for the heck of it. She immediately picked the orange tiger. “Don’t you like this one?” I asked, pointing to the bobcat. “Or this one?” Paul said. Sadie turned her head away and clung to the orange tiger. Until we paid for it. She hasn’t had anything to do with it since then. I think she was only after his tag! We’ve learned that it’s the best part of every single toy.

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