Monday, January 25, 2010

16 Weeks!


  1. So...boy or girl? You might have said already, but I have a million pregnant friends right now and I can't keep it all straight in my head. Sorry.

    In my defense I'm a little preoccupied since I'll be induced Thursday night.

    Oh, I'm totally rude. Cute pic btw.

  2. You do "pregnant" so well! ;) I know I'd look awful, but the two of you are just precious.


  4. So sweet! I bet Sadie's excited to have a sibling on the way. I've been too lazy to post a pregnant picture of myself yet. The husband usually doesn't pick up the camera unless I ask him to.

  5. Hi Delta Flute-

    You're not rude at all!

    I was hoping you'd be holding your little one in your arms by now! Prayers for your family! I remember how impatient I was when I hit the last month, much less the last week!

    We haven't found out yet! I can hardly wait. The doctor should order the ultrasound this week! I hope the baby is in a position where they can see easily!

    Hi Brooke-

    Thank you! You would look beautiful! It's that pregnancy "glow" everyone talks about!

    Hi Cliff-

    Thanks :)

    Hi Joanna-

    She keeps kissing my stomach and pulling out the "Pregnancy" book that I have and looking at the baby. She's grown particularly attached to one of the babies at the front of the book and I think she's hoping she'll get to bring that one home!

    We took so many pictures during the last pregnancy and now I have such a hard time remembering to try and take one a week!

  6. Congratulations! You look beautiful!


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