Thursday, January 28, 2010

Doctor's Visit #3- 16 Weeks Along- Part 1

Sadie wasn't thrilled when she realized we were heading into the city today. She's been promised a trip to the local Park/Aquarium, and usually the mere mention of the Park makes her face light up. This time however, she got a little frown and a "thinking" look. I think she's realized that a promised trip to the Park means three hours round trip in the car... and unfortunately she's never been the type of baby who sleeps in the car. She's too busy fussing and looking for trucks to point out (she was the only one in the county who was happy when they had the freeways in the area torn up for most of summer... there were more tractors to look at and she thought the drives were much more interesting).

We're headed to the city for doctor's appointment #3! This will be the first time Paul will be there to hear the heartbeat (yay!) and we should be scheduling the ultrasound today. I am so impatient to know if we're expecting a boy or a girl... And I'm especially excited since the nurse at the office says that the imaging center they're sending us to also does a DVD of the ultrasound!

And hopefully the doctor has some idea about the insane pregnancy headaches I've been having (and making them stop)! A headache almost every day is just too much!

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  1. Hey there, hope your drive with Sadie went well. If you need a chuckle to unwind come over to my blog, I've stolen a couple good posts. Sorry about those headaches.


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