Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Sadie is still in love with her Big Girl Bed and I after my initial elation with this development, I’ve begun to discover that it’s a somewhat mixed blessing. Our sleep progress has been going well… for the most part (actually it’s gone way, way better than I had any right to even imagine that it would go, so my complaining is actually a sign of us getting used to this wonderful change). The problem only sprouts up every few days.

Sadie suggests going to bed several times a day. She thinks it’s the most wonderful place in the house. And she likes to pretend to sleep in the bed. She brings her stuffed animals out and she lines them up and hugs them and she even lays down and pulls the covers up to her chin. Usually around this time the giggling starts. And the squealing. This is all fine and good during play-time in the play room.

However today when we came up for nap-time we found where there can be a problem with the too much fun Big Girl Bed. Sadie nursed and then sat up and pointed to her bed. We walked over and she got in. I was practically holding my breath. Every time she gets in and things go smoothly I think, “can it really be that easy” (and it is 75% of the time). Only this time after about a minute of “sleeping” she giggled. The giggle is never a good nap time/bed time sign. Then she sat up. Then Oatmeal Bear and Chris Bear kissed. Things went down hill from there as the Stuffies began to run amok. Nap-time was postponed indefinitely.

Bed time was not much better. I finally resorted to saying “no” firmly when she started going for a cable outlet that she has never noticed before (the thing doesn’t even work). This resulted in a few dramatic seconds of sad sounds before she collapsed back on the bed (finally laying down! Yay!) and went to sleep.

I am glad that she loves it so much though! The alternative would be much, much worse. I half expected a war over where she would sleep when we bought it, so things couldn’t have gone much better!


  1. What a cozy picture! Sadie must feel so grown up in her Big Girl Bed.


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