Monday, January 11, 2010

What I'm Reading...

I actually have two copies of Back to Basics. One is the Third Edition, shown at the right had side and one is a used copy of a much older edition that can be purchased here. I bought the older edition after reading reviews that said that it was much better than the latter edition, but now that I have both of them I can honestly say that they are virtually identical. Oh well. At least it was very, very inexpensive at a used book store.

This book is amazing if, like me, you're interested in knowing how to do pretty much everything yourself. The first portions of the book explain the construction of different types of houses (from log cabins to under ground abodes to stone construction) and how to decide on a plot of land. Other sections (this book really does have pretty much everything) include blacksmithing, gardening, spinning wool (I really, really, really want to learn to do this, both with a wheel and a drop spindle), making rugs, quilting, furniture making, raising livestock, making butter, beer, and pretty much every other "necessity" you can imagine.

Because this book covers so many subjects it really isn't able to go too in depth on many of them. But it certainly has enough information to show me which subjects I would like to learn more about and it gives me ideas for each trip I take to the local library.

Of course, if you have read the article I linked to in the previous post then you know that reading this book and being interested in these "survival skills," along with being a Christian and a pro-lifer, pretty much mean I must be off my rocker. Which is kind of funny because I cruised through Israeli security without being searched a single time. And if you've ever been through Israeli security you know that they are very thorough and very good at picking out people who look like threats. My crochet hook and yarn ball only seem to be a risk in our own great nation with Obama's nominees "keeping us safe."

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  1. I actually had my crochet hook taken away from me by TSA after the 9/11 scare.
    I too absolutely love learning to do everything myself. There is a nearby yarn shop and sometimes people come in and spin their wool there. It is very mesmerizing to watch. I also have a friend who makes beer in his closet. Very delicious!
    My one regret is that I wish I had taken the time to learn so many of these domestic skills before I had a child, as time to learn is limited these days...


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