Friday, January 1, 2010

Doctor's Visit #2- 12 Weeks Along- Part 2 (And a Happy New Year!)

Happy New Year!

Looks like it will be another morning running around!

We're getting ready to rush out the door for Mass (half an hour until we have to leave! The countdown begins! Will everyone be ready?) but I wanted to give a quick update. I should have a nap time later on to write a longer post!

The doctor's appointment yesterday went well. Since Paul had worked all night he didn't get to be there, but I got to hear the heartbeat. It was 156 beats a minute. And you know what the old wives tale says?

It's a girl!

Okay, it seems there's no truth to the old wives tale... but it's fun to guess! I think we should be able to find out in another eight weeks. Our doctor hasn't even mentioned a sonogram yet! I need to make a list for my next appointment so that I can remember to ask her when we'll have one. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of the women who go to OBs that do early sonograms!

I'd love to see a baby picture right now!


  1. Don't be too jealous Cammie. Google around about over-zealous sonography. Actually, I googled it for you. You can read articles here, here, here, here, here, here, & here.

    Basically, if your doctor/midwife recommends sono for medical reasons, then you can rest assured the benefits outweigh the risks. Doing fetal sonos was always fun & challenging to get just the right pics with the kid squirming around. One of the few things I miss...

    My comments are not meant as medical advice. No animals were harmed in this post.

  2. Hi Cliff-

    I think that's why we don't get a sonogram at this point- because we didn't op for all the genetic testing and stuff like that. She did say "because if you check yes in this box we'll do a sonogram earlier"... and that almost tempted me to go for it. But we didn't. Last time I really wanted to do the 3D sonogram but after talking with the doctor we decided know (she strongly, strongly advised against it). It was the whole benefit of something for entertainment/cuteness value definitely didn't outweigh the risks of the doctor saying they aren't sure about the long term affects of sonograms that long.

    I have to say I'm a little wary this time around when the doctor says the baby is the "perfect" size. She said that yesterday and I keep remembering asking her when I was gigantic with Sadie if she "seemed big." The answer was: "she's the perfect size." When Sadie was born via c-section the first words out of the doctor's mouth was "I knew she was going to be huge!" LOL. I think I'll be asking more specific questions in five or six months about what the "perfect" size means (not that there's anything that I can do about it!).

  3. It must be so neat to hear the baby's heartbeat! I can't wait to find out if you are going to have a boy or a girl.

  4. The same myth told me I was having a boy.... I had a boy! I guess its a 50/50 chance but its still fun lol..


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