Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Good Night!

Yay! We had a successful night last night! Sadie got into her Big Girl Bed at 7:30 and woke up at 6:15. I did get up and rub her back for about a minute when she started to fuss at 12:05, but that was it. This is definitely the most consistent sleep we've both gotten in a while.

I am currently a little annoyed with Huggies diapers. You see, Huggies Night Time diapers only go up to size five and then they switch over to Pull-Ups. Now there is now way that Sadie is going to fit into a size five ever again. Our greatest challenge at this point is... dryness. And after seeing how useless the swim diapers are (and to my eye they look a lot like pullups) I'm don't think that pullups would be great for a baby that isn't using the potty at all yet!

And while Sadie's a big toddler, it's not as if she's so far above the average that Huggies doesn't need to make a size that fits! I haven't even checked out Pampers, because they just don't work on Sadie. I think Huggies are usually better on tall skinny babies and Pampers are designed for a shorter body (we actually usually use the CVS diapers, but they don't make nighttime ones either! At least not that are carried at our store).

Right now Sadie is preparing for her morning hour of television. She can hear the music for KIXE,the local PBS station, from her highchair in the kitchen and she will scream at the top of her lungs to get down and run into the other room so that she can be there when Curious George comes on. Then she'll grab her two monkey dolls and they'll all watch George's adventures together. After that it's Sid the Science Kid (we love to dance to the songs) and Sadie thinks it's hilarious for Mommy to substitute "Sadie" for "Sid" in the songs and then the TV goes off.

Hopefully today we'll get a break in the storms that have been battering us. We just need a good solid hour to go out, puddle stomp, swing on the gate at the top of Nini and Gigi's property, check the water tanks (Sadie LOVES checking the water tank with Nani to see how full it is) possibly because it's right next to the old green gate, and going on a long walk to get our wiggles out. Long walks are usually even longer when puddle stomping is involved.

Now I need to go find the camera cord so I can upload the new pictures that Paul took of Sadie yesterday!


  1. I love those puddle-stomping pictures.

  2. That must be so frustrating to not have diapers in Sadie's size. What about ordering some cloth diapers? I know it is more work, but it can save money in the long run. There are a lot available on Etsy and child #2 might use them also. When I see how much more expensive diapers get as the size increases, it definitely makes me want to get some for Susi. But she also seems really interested in potty-training these days, so I might just wait it out until she learns to go potty.


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