Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frustration is...

...getting an eighteen month old to finally close her eyes in her own bed and fall asleep and then three minutes later hearing an unruly Patriots Fan (who shall remain nameless) downstairs scream at the TV and having the little ones sweet little eyes flutter open, look around and then, in true New England Fan fashion, start to scream at the top of her lungs (in solidarity with the person downstairs :OP).

You Sir, deserve a Sadie Frown.

Note to Men Everywhere: the argument, "I don't remember yelling at the TV" is not particularly useful one in cases such as this one. That only shows the person that spent the next hour trying (unsuccessfully) to get the little one to sleep that the play in question was not even worth remembering sixty minutes later! And so the fantastic (hopefully) post I have been planning these last few days will have to wait a little longer, until someone finally falls asleep again. And who knows when that will be!


  1. HO HO HO HO HO! Just think of all the $$$ Erma Bombeck could have made on that! That's what I wonder whenever a precious parenting moment happens. Now then, was that Grumpa or Daddy? That will teach you, just stay up with pizza & beer and watch the game too. Maybe Sadie likes football. Maybe the football fans would help get Sadie to sleep... :)

    oh, who won the game?

  2. She loves football! She actually stayed up and watched the first three and a half quarters, but then she was just soooooo sleepy. She even had her own tiny slice of pizza! Grumpa missed the whole thing since he was still at church.

    She has now fallen asleep during the Green Bay/ Arizona game. So far two of the three teams we were routing for have lost (the Patriots lost it in the first minutes of the game... we came home from Mass and it was 21-0 in the first quarter) and it looks like the fourth team we liked is about to get knocked out too. Now a good football weekend for us!


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