Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Lives Lost: An Abortion Story

The Pro-Life Action League reveals, from the doctor's point of view, what really goes on during abortions. While all of the stories of the doctor's and clinic managers show the awful, hideous face of what goes on when doctor's (and sometimes untrained personal) murder an unborn child, they also offer hope. These men and women recognized the evil of what they were doing and now speak out against the murder of innocents.

Here is part of Joy Davis' story. The entire story can be viewed here, at the Pro-Life Action League.
"Fourteen years ago, I was offered a job in an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. A very short time after working there, I realized one thing: we were not there to help women. We were a business—a money-making organization..."

"...I never spent the first day in medical school. I really knew nothing about medicine, other than what I had seen other doctors do, but I started doing abortions. I started actually performing surgery on women. I did norplants, cryosurgery, pap smears, pelvic exams—anything he did, I did.
And I was real proud of that because I felt I did it better than he did. I never put a woman in the hospital, and he was putting them in the hospital almost every month, in very critical condition. So I really had a big head..."

"... Then one day a young girl came to us. She was not healthy enough to go through a late second trimester abortion. So I turned her down. I told her that she needed to go to a hospital where they could find out what was wrong with her. Dr. Tucker came in and insisted that I put her through. He said she had paid an $1800 deposit and that he was not going to give her the money back.

The doctor came in and did her abortion. I monitored on ultrasound while he was doing the abortion. And as soon as he was through he walked out of the room.

As she started coming to, she started having difficulty breathing. Her blood pressure bottomed out. Everything was going wrong. I sent for the doctor to come back in the room. We were running around, trying to resuscitate her, trying to do everything we could to stabilize her..."
"...When the doctor found out that I called the ambulance, he was furious. He canceled the ambulance. He told me, "I'm the doctor here. I'll make those decisions. We cannot send this patient to the hospital in this condition. They'll hang us. Now try to stabilize her..."

"...So they transported her to the hospital. I felt relieved that the responsibility had been taken off of me. I then received a phone call from the hospital, which informed me that she had died..."

"... I went to the medical board; I went to the D.A.—I turned over all the information of all the negligence that we had done. I turned myself in for practicing medicine without a license and gave them the proof that I was doing so..."

"...I went back to the medical board in Alabama and I said, "Why aren't you doing anything?" They said abortion was a hot political issue and they really didn't want to touch it..."

"...But I then remembered two people that were sidewalk counselors in front of our clinics. They were very, very much against what we did, but they loved me. And when I had no one else I could turn to, I called them. I told them that I couldn't face another day, that I needed help. And she said, "Joy, what you need is God." She told me how God loved me. How he died for my sins. She prayed the most beautiful prayer I had ever heard, a heat ran all the way through my body. I was on fire and I fell to my knees and begged God to forgive me...."
Yet the Pro-Death Camp would have us all believe that abortion helps women and that abortion providers are just trying to liberate women from the oppression of having children. In reality the dark truth involves murder and money and doesn't involve liberating anyone.

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