Friday, January 22, 2010

Abortion is Murder.

"Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad".
--Manly Hall

Our culture has realized that words, written and spoken, can be very powerful. Every day the list of "politically correct" (or non-correct) terms gets longer and I've even found myself reading articles by pro-life writers who have been sucked in by the absurdity. They say that it's not "helpful to the dialogue" to call abortion "murder."

It's odd to me that some pro-lifers can recognize that the act that is being undertaken is so evil that they don't even want to speak the word (and they'd go so far as to tell others not to do it).

But abortion is murder. It is violent.

The form of execution that most resembles it- being drawn and quartered, was used in the middle ages, but was seldom used in the centuries that followed and was taken off the books in the UK in 1814.

Who would submit a child to that type to torture (and remember most criminals were hanged before they were drawn and quartered, aborted children aren't even given that small mercy)? And yet abortion providers do every single day.

Abortion providers murder children. Abortion is murder.

So keep speaking out. Your voice, when God uses it to speak the truth, may just be what gets through to a sadly confused woman who is trying to figure out what to next.

"How forcible are right words!"
Job 6:25

"How often misused words generate misleading thoughts."
--Herbert Spencer (Principles of Ethics (1879) bk. 1, pt. 2, ch. 8, sect. 152)

Please pray for "Eve" who writes this very sad blog after having an abortion last year.

And now, in the interest of keeping this post from being too long, I'll post another hopeful story of an abortion provider who realized that she was murdering children and who stopped and began to speak out about the evils of the abortion industry.

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  1. Wow. That Eve chick makes it all sound normal. She keeps talking about practicing making babies like sex is no biggie. I'm very disheartened to think that people think that sex is so "normal." And yes I know it's normal, but I mean in the sense that it's perfectly fine to go have sex without caring about the consequences.

    I plan on discussing with my children the problem of thinking that sex is all about the fun and not thinking about what sex is also about: making babies. If everyone realized that sex is meant to be procreative, I imagine that there would be less abortions going on. It's the attitute that it is "fun and normal" that makes me mad. I mean didn't they get the procreative part when they asked where babies came from and were told. Hello. That's the first thing I learned about sex when my mom explained sex to me and I was five.

    Sex is beautiful, loving, AND procreative.


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