Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sadie Update!

We have had a busy couple of days. On New Years Eve we went to Redding and Sadie got to play with lots of friends at Turtle Bay! She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw all of the kids that were meeting us there! Then we had to run over to my OBs office for a quick checkup. Since Paul had worked all night, he had stayed home to get a little bit of sleep before his next shift, but I did get to hear a heartbeat (it was a nerve wracking minute when it took the nurse in the office a while to find it!). When she found it though it was loud and 156 beats a minute!

Sadie is now hugging and kissing my stomach any time we ask her where the new baby is. She also likes to lay down on the ground and rest her head against my stomach if I'm sitting down when the question is asked. And she is totally fascinated with any baby that we see when we're out and about.

She has two books about new babies too and she loves to read them. She can tell you that the little girl is Sadie, although when I point to the Mommy and say "Mommy" she looks a bit confused and carefully examines the Mommy's curly hair. Apparently all Mommy's are supposed to have their hair pulled back in a bun to meet the description.

Now I need to take some new Sadie pictures today. She was wearing a cute puffy dress yesterday, but she was so slippery in the shiny material that I finally gave up altogether on the idea of pictures and changed her as soon as we got home.

And she's still growing! We moved up to six 6 diapers yesterday! I didn't see any diapers bigger than size 6's in the aisle. They must exist?

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  1. Oh my, am I ever glad those diaper days are over! Not that I really did a lot of that chore, but still... glad any babies I hold now can be passed back to parents for changing!


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