Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

  1. Pray 2 Rosaries a day. My goal for ’09 was to pray the rosary daily and with a few exceptions (involving falling asleep while praying next to Sadie) I did it (it also usually involved finishing a couple of decades each time I woke up). I’d like to be really ambitious and go with praying 3 rosaries a day but I’m trying to make it realistic (and have something I can stick with when the sleep deprivation sets in this summer!).

  2. Stay on top of the laundry (Paul is probably doing a little dance as he reads this). And the bathroom. And the ever-growing pile of laundry in the bathroom that never makes it into the hamper. And the pile of magazines that seems to be growing in the bathroom… and that leads me to resolution #3…

  3. Get organized! There’s no time like the present (at least once nap time is over and Sadie and Daddy are watching the Rose Bowl together…hoping against hope that the Pac 10 doesn’t embarrass themselves in a seventh game) and I have work to do. This motivation may have less to do with New Years Resolutions and more to do with the start of those nesting hormones that drove me to clean Sadie’s play room earlier in the week.

  4. Learn to sew clothing! I actually cut out one of those Sadie sized dress patterns the other day. Baby steps. Baby steps.

  5. Reorganize the Finances. As fun as it is to feel like a juggler keeping way too many balls up in the air from month to month I need to sit down and refigure our expenses (realistically).

  6. Write for half an hour a day (we’re going for realistic here). And blogging does not count (the handy excuse I’ve been using recently for not writing).

  7. Walk every day. Rain or shine. We have far too much really hot and really cold weather around here to use weather as an excuse (although I will add a 30 minute on Nani’s exercise bike substitution for really icky days).
Okay so I did it! Hopefully this year will go as well as last year!


  1. If I make resolutions, then I wait until September...

    Forget about the laundry. :) Around here the dishes & laundry are the twin peaks of Mt Everlasting.

    By the way - that's a lovely pic of you on this post. Please extend my admiration to Paul on his photographic skills & good fortune in wife hunting. :)

  2. My family considers the whole rosary to include all the mysteries. It's really comendable that you are working your way up to it! Sometimes it's so easy to find an excuse not to... Or maybe you are already working towards two full rosaries a day??!! :) I'm hoping I can get into a habit with my rosaries as well. Best wishes, blessed feast of the Circumcision of Christ, and a happy new year!

  3. Hi Andrea-

    This year I just did five decades (mostly, although for lent I tried to do 10 or 15 or, rarely 20) and this year I'll be going with ten decades. I really hope I can stick with it with a newborn. I did it in 2008, but stopped right when Sadie was born and I was so tired all the time! I'm hoping this time I can fit in extra decades during all those late night feedings! Happy New Year!

    Before I forget, I do have a question! Maybe I should do a post about it and see what everyone says! When your family prays all the decades do they start with the apostles creed at the beginning each time they complete five decades, or do they just keep going around and around? I've always kind of felt like they should just blend together without the beginning and the end (except at the beginning and the end) but I wasn't sure if that's really done? Any ideas?

    Hi Cliff-

    Thanks! I got the bathroom under control today (for now) and the laundry now fits into the hamper (again... for now). And the picture was on the Sea of Galilee. Such a beautiful place!


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