Monday, January 4, 2010

Poor little bunny! She could hardly believe how horrible Mommy was being this morning. Sadie wanted toast. Mommy happened to be making toast (it's funny how these two things often happen at the same time!) but then Mommy made Sadie wait until the toast was toasted and the margarine and jam was on it, before Sadie got to have a bite (I should note that she did have the first bite followed by quite a few others). There were tears running down her little cheeks by the time the jam finally touched her tongue (I should also note that Kix was offered while the toast was being made, but they were firmly rejected for... not being toast!).

The other major tragedy in Sadie's life at the moment involves the walks that she goes on with Mommy. When we go on walks there are two main paths outside the house that we can take. One is a big loop that can take us down to the river. The second is a tiny deer path that gets very steep at times, that is about a half mile around that takes us across a flood plain (which is now partially flooded) by a bunch of berry bushes and down one very slick, muddy portion that is at a extreme angle (towards the flood plain). You can guess which path appeals to Sadie.

Sadie cried hysterically when she realized that we were going to take the regular path and not the deer path. The deer path goes past a giant old maple tree covered in grape vines, which Sadie absolutely loves... and not going on the deer path means that she has to observe the tree from afar! She finally calmed down when she got to her favorite little pine tree and stood for a few minutes playing with it's branches! Oh the drama of our nature walks! It's almost as bad as having a mom who is slow making toast in the morning!

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