Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Abortionist Realizes the Truth

Former Abortionist Dr. McArthur Hill graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Medicine in 1968 and enlisted in the Air Force. Here is part of his story. The entire story can be seen here and tells how he began doing abortions as an Air Force doctor and ultimately realized the great evil in the work that he had done:
"...I did not consciously select the words I used in dictating the operative report, but my subconscious mind was obviously at work trying to protect my conscience mind through denial. As you were listening to what I said, you heard me say the words "uterine contents," you heard me say the word "tissue," "fluid and tissue," and "procedure." They are all words which denied what really happened that day.

The pathology specimen that we sent down was labeled, "Products of Conception." The operation performed was called a vacuum curettage. But on the operation request and report, under special circumstances, were found the words "living fetus." The gymnastics which my mind performed in dictating that report could not totally erase the fact that something living was killed that day..."

"...and since I was in California during my training, abortion was legal under conditions which threatened the mother's health, mental health and her life.

Most, if not all, of the abortions which we performed were done so that the patient's life would not be interrupted by the pregnancy and delivery of a baby..."

"...I discovered an interesting thing, too, at that time because I would ask them for the year of their abortion, and I discovered that when they gave me the date that many of them did not give me merely the year, they gave me the exact date of their abortions as easily as most women recall the birthdates of their babies...."
As with the other doctor's who are members of the Pro-Life Action League Dr. McArthur ultimately realized that abortion is a great evil and began speaking out and educating others about what actually goes on when a tiny human life is destroyed.

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