Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sadie's Giant Lime Green Monkey

Sadie is asleep in her big girl bed, but with her molars coming in (and really bothering her) all bets are off as to whether or not she'll stay there very long. Last night she made it all the way to 4:10 am but the night before she only slept until 12:30am. I'm hoping for an all night sleep tonight.

Even more impressive I am awake and it's after 9 pm (although that won't last too much longer, especially after being sick for most of today... I am very unhappy with Tylenol.).

We went into town today and since we had a gift card we each picked something out. Sadie's choice was a large lime green monkey. Daddy defended Sadie's choice and I was not able to convince her to switch it for a very cute bear in a pink dress. The lime green monkey (who is as of yet unnamed) appears to be going everywhere with us (Sadie showers him with kisses on an hourly basis). He's even moved up into the big girl bed, although he's on the far edge so I'm pretty sure he'll fall out fairly soon (Sadie is a pretty rowdy sleeper).

Sadie is also becoming something of a cookie monster. She somehow figured out what the cookie jar in Nani's kitchen is, and started screaming and pointing at it. We've had to make a one cookie a day rule to prevent her from running into the kitchen and begging for a cookie every three minutes. She would live on cookies and cheese and milk if we let her.

Now it's time for bed. Hopefully my new found energy and bedtime will mean that I can post more regularly again.

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