Saturday, January 9, 2010

Night One: The Big Girl Bed

The new Big Girl Bed was set up yesterday and Sadie thought that it was the greatest thing that she'd ever seen. It's just a plain white toddler bed that we bought with Sadie's Target gift certificates and she ran right over when she saw it and alternated between playing on it and laying down and pretending that she was going to go to sleep in it.

Before bath time Nani asked Sadie where she was going to sleep and she pointed to her Big Girl Bed. When Nani asked where Mommy was going to sleep she turned around and looked at the big bed. I took that as a good sign.

At 7:40 we into the room and Sadie got into bed. She doesn't like to have any covers on until later in the night, but she did snuggle up to the little pillow that she has. After half an hour of laying with her eyes half closed (clinging to Mommy's arm just in case Mommy got any ideas about getting up and walking away) she sprang into action. She sat up and jumped off the bed. Then she ran across the room and started pointing to the dresser that houses her collection of porcelain dolls. Now Sadie knows that these dolls are not for playing. She likes to touch one of the dolls dresses before she goes to bed each night but that's pretty much it. So when she stood under the dresser pointing up and burst into hysterics I was a little surprised.

When I tried to pick her up she avoided me (the same way she does when she thinks its time for a diaper change). And finally she sat on my lap while I rocked her to sleep (things didn't go exactly according to plan). Then I gently set her back in her bed and said a little prayer that this would be one of the nights that she slept through (it's really 50/50 these days).

Sadie may have been asleep, but Mommy was wide awake. I would wake up, for no reason whatsoever, every 15 minutes, from 8:30 to 1 am. At 1 am I finally had a reason to wake up. There was a small bunny whimpering sound coming from the Big Girl Bed. So I went over and turned on the Oatmeal Bear (which makes "womb" sounds) and pulled the covers up a bit. Then I resisted the urge to move her into the big bed, and went back to bed. The covers were quickly kicked off and the whimpering started again. And then the acrobatics. By the time I went and retrieved Sadie she had wormed her way to the bottom of the bed and was half on the bed and half over the edge. I put her in the big bed and fell asleep (and actually slept for three and a half hours before waking up again!).

When Sadie woke up in the morning I put her back in her big bed where she lay happily for a while and then we went downstairs. I think tonight (if things go well) I'll wake myself up enough to keep covering her up and turning Oatmeal bear on and hopefully she'll make it through the whole night in her own bed. I think she probably would have if I hadn't been so sleep deprived and had tried a bit harder to get her to go back to sleep!

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