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The Non-Logic of the Pro-Death Side

Another Gem from the Abortion Blog Next Door. The title is Stupid Things Antis Say (meaning Anti-Death in case you were wondering). As we near the end of the month and the focus of this blog again becomes more general, please continue to pray for the women who are considering abortions, have had abortions and for the conversion of abortion providers. Tomorrow I will, for the first time ever on my blog, talk about my own experience (pre-conversion) working at a Planned Parenthood in the San Francisco Bay Area during college.

I went back and forth on whether to respond to this post at all, because the responses themselves say quite a bit about the author (and let's face it, they don't really shout out "intelligent!" They really sadly say something more along the line of sad and very bitter...). The quotes from the site are in red below and as always, my responses are in pink:
1. That baby could be the next Gandhi!

That baby could also be the next Jeffrey Dahmer or "Jersey Shore" cast member.
So because they "could be" an idiot or a murderer (or an abortioneer!) they should be murdered and never given the chance to go one way or the other? Besides there's a good chance the "Jersey Shore" cast members will grow up, something the unborn children you murder will never have a chance to do.
2. How would you feel if you were aborted?!

.....I wouldn't.
Actually you would feel the agony of being ripped, limb from limb as you tried to evade the surgical instrument that had invaded your mother's womb.

3. Pick on someone your own size!

Bring it on, similarly-sized anti.
Some responses are so tempting that they probably shouldn't be responded to. And this brings out a side of me that was fairly well developed after years of full contact tournament fighting and playing rugby on two continents. So I'll just leave this one be... and simply pray for an end to abortion in the U.S. and the world.
4. Keep your legs closed!

Everyone has sex. Even priests. With small children.
This really says something about the state of mind of the author and the warped way that they view the world. Or maybe this is something that they tell themselves as an excuse for lowering their standards. Everyone does it. That's simply not true, but if you lie to yourselves about what you do for a living, each and every day, you can lie to yourself about anything.
5. Babies are miracles/blessings!

Not to the women who end up killing their children -- you know, somewhat less legal than abortion. Also, we all know where babies actually come from, and it can be pretty unmiraculous.
Denying the sanctity of life doesn't make it true. And at least our society is still sane enough to recognize that killing an older children is evil. Hopefully the law will soon recognize every child's right to live. Society is already leaning that way. I love seeing the polls that show that the pro-life side is steadily growing. Maybe it's because we aren't killing our children or contracepting them out of existence.
6. I will help you raise your baby!

No you won't. When have you even given your address and phone number to a pregnant woman for free child care? Oh right, you only give out that information about clinic staff so your anti friends can stalk them.
I live in a little tiny town and yet I personally know two families who took in drug babies, one of who would have most definitely been aborted (the mother actually showed up at the door and said "if you don't adopt my baby I'm going to have an abortion). Both had been exposed to meth in their mother's wombs. Both are growing into amazing people (one is in high school, one is in pre-school).

And this completely ignores all the parents out there who would love to adopt a child! My best friend (and daughter's godmother) was adopted and I thank God that her mother chose life. There are so many families out there waiting for a child. So the idea that you're "stuck" with a baby is absurd.
7. Your baby wants to see your face!

Eh. I'm not sure babies actually want to be born. It's a frightening experience for them. That's why they scream bloody murder. The real world is noisy and freezing.
It is kind of blurry when we're born (especially after those eye drops!), but I can guarantee that your baby wants to hear your voice. When Sadie was born she stopped crying and grabbed onto Paul's finger the moment she heard him speak. It was an amazing moment. She recognized the voices of all the important people in our lives! And I'm sure that being born doesn't compare with being ripped apart. Heck, I'm sure the five hours of pushing I went through trying to deliver Sadie doesn't compare with it.
8. I don't want my tax dollars to pay for abortions!

Yeah, well MY tax dollars pay for wars and bailouts for shoddy industries, but it's something I have to deal with.
Hmmmmm... so the author clearly thinks that two wrongs make a right... "Well if our tax dollars keep the rich bankers getting bonuses than they might as well pay to kill unborn children too..." You've got to love that logic.
9. I regret my abortion!

Your bad. Most women don't.
What a sensitive response. And all of the women who I've talked to who had abortions do regret it. There's often a sense of brokenness because of this tragic past "choice" that simply can't be taken back...
10. The government is Socialist!

Really? Awesome.
Not sure how this fits into the abortion debate? But then again, I can't claim that the logic the author of this piece had really flowed as it was, so I guess I'll just call it a day.

Maybe the anger that pervades the responses isn't totally negative. Maybe it's a sign that somewhere, deep down, her soul is rebelling against the daily destruction of life that he's involved in.

Keep praying. Prayer truly is our greatest weapon against the evil or abortion.

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  1. As someone else who's been on both sides of the abortion debate, I feel inclined to write about these responses as well.

    (I've been bitten by the blogging bug!)


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