Monday, January 11, 2010

Are YOU a "Terrorist?"

If you're pro-life than this Obama nominee (charged with keeping American travelers safe) says that you probably are:

Obama nominee calls pro-lifers terrorists


  1. I listened to the video and I don't think he means how many people are interpretting it. I think he is referring to a person who fits all those categories. I don't think that he says anti-abortionists in particular are terrorists. I think he is saying white suprememacists who are also anti-abortion and anti-government etc. are terrorists. Generally because they resort to violent measures to get their message across.

    For the record anyone who resorts to violent measures at the harm of others or property in my mind is a terrorist. This to me does include militant anti-abortionists. I don't believe in bombing abortion clinics and hurting people in order to save the unborn is the way to go. There are other more peaceful ways.

    Sorry it goes against my being to push any agenda through the means of violence. There is always another way and Jesus clearly shows that.

  2. I'm definitely not advocating violent methods as a solution to this major problem (although I guess that makes all abortionists terrorists since they use violence to "solve a problem." However, lately I've seen far too many quotes suggesting that all Christians/ all pro-lifers are potential "terrorists." If someone made those blanket statements about Muslims or any other non-Christian group they would be quickly reprimanded by the administration.

  3. I haven't read anything about pro-lifers being terrorists, but I'll take your word for it. You read more info about that sort of thing.

    The administration might not being calling all Muslims as terrorists but the public at large does view anyone who is a Muslim or dresses similar to a Muslim as being a terrorist. One of the local airports detained several Muslim clerics for "odd behavior." Turns out they were praying for a safe flight. People are so paranoid or uninformed that they view the way that Muslims pray as being "odd behavior." I think that it's beautiful how they pray with their hands open to receiving God. It's how Christians and Jews used to pray as well.

  4. I'm not even Christian, but I'm getting sick of all the "Christians/pro-lifers/conservatives are terrorists/hate women/spread bigotry" messages too. Come on, people...there are bad apples in *every* bin.


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