Friday, January 8, 2010

The Bread Shredder

Since Paul is back on nights we didn't put the toddler bed together yesterday. I'm hoping we get it figured out today (and I'm hoping even more desperately that Sadie loves the idea and can't wait to fall asleep in it). She has been sleeping through the night about half the time lately, so I just need to convince her to fall asleep in it. For some reason I have a feeling that might be easier said than done. We'll see though. I never thought that she would night wean so easily either!

We walked just under two miles yesterday. A mile and a half of that was with Sadie in the stroller on the "deer path" that she now thinks is the only trail worth walking on. I'm hoping that if we walk on it every day it will begin to widen, but for now Sadie thinks that it is hysterical to have tall weeds smacking against the side of the stroller while she tries to grab them and tear them off.

Her newest discovery however took place last night at dinner when she began to shred a piece of garlic bread and place it in a perfect straight little line. The line stretched all the way across the width of her end of the table before she became obsessed with seeing how small a piece she could tear off and then became intent on tearing the barely visible piece in two. For someone so small the fifteen minutes of concentration she spent on this task was rather impressive. The tiniest piece was barely big enough to see.

And I really need to get the camera out and take some pictures! We haven't been snapping many pictures lately!

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