Saturday, January 23, 2010

Clinic Worker Tells of Late Term Abortions

Luhra Tivis was a member of NOW when she went to work as a medical secretary for George Tiller. Here is her story:
"...He said that he only did late abortions on severely deformed babies or for reasons of a medical crisis—in others words, for a valid reason. Then very quickly he said "And besides that, at this stage, those babies' lungs are so underdeveloped that they couldn't survive outside the mother anyway." I knew in my heart at that point in time that it was wrong, but I said to myself, "He's a doctor. I can trust him...""
"...I thought they were going to tell me how they want the information sheet filled out and how to keep the phone record and this and that. But what I was handed instead was a packet of information—materials to study—on how to be a high-pressure salesperson over the phone, like telemarketing: how to convince somebody to buy your product.

I started doing all the filing on the medical records. In over 95% of these babies, and it's probably more than that, there was nothing wrong with those babies at all—nothing—and these were third trimester abortions..."

The rest of her story, which is posted here by the Pro Life Action League, tells about the four day process that Dr. Tiller's patients went through during their abortions. Ms. Tivis ends by saying:
"I can't say I am glad I was there, but I'm glad that I'm standing here today to give my testimony to you, because if I can inspire you to help save babies' lives, that's what I want to do."
Keep praying to end this evil!

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  1. Ug. I just can't even fathom this kind of thing going on in reality, it seems so surreal.


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