Friday, January 29, 2010

Doctor's Visit #3- 16 Weeks Along- Part 2


The appointment went well and we heard the baby's heartbeat, which is always amazing. The baby actually kept moving away from the heartbeat monitor thingy and so we could actually see the little bump zooming all over the place, which was pretty cool at only 16 weeks! It was the first time, this time around that I'd actually seen my bump move!

I am a bit stressed out about the other part of the appointment though.

My blood pressure was up 40 points (this may answer the headache questions I've been having lately), but our doctor was in a hurry and rushed in, prescribed hydrocordone for the headaches, said she's see me in a month and rushed back out! So I'm going to start using Grumpa's blood pressure cuff to keep track of any blood pressure/ headache relationship that might exist.

I came home and googled pregnancy and hydrocordone and now the chances of me taking it are pretty slim...

And I'd lost half a pound in the past month! Which is absolutely insane because I'm eating a lot (apparently breastfeeding and being pregnant takes more calories than I can actually consume without becoming physically ill? I'm eating all day!)! While this is a problem I'd usually love to have, it's not one I'd like right now, because I don't want to have the "you're going to have to wean" talk (although we've been gradually weaning and are back to two short feedings a day which are really just for comfort before nap and bedtime).

On the up side we are having our ultrasound a week from today and hopefully we'll get to find out if it's a little boy or a little girl we'll be welcoming into the family!

I can hardly wait to find out!


  1. I hope you feel better soon. For me, headaches and nausea are the worst way to be sick.

  2. Feel better!

    And yay-Sadie's gonna be a big sister!

  3. Cam,

    Please do keep an eye on your blood pressure and the headaches (if you were rapidly gaining weight, I'd be more concerned). It's a good idea that you have access to the blood pressure cuff. Try to get plenty of rest (easier said than done with a little one!) God bless.



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