Tuesday, April 6, 2010

26 Weeks: Entering the 3rd Trimester

I have to say that I was surprised when I read in one of my pregnancy books that midway through this week is considered "third trimester!" Where did those other two trimesters go?!?! They just zoomed by!

The second trimester energy boost is starting to wear off now, but Sadie has a great new game that helps out a lot. I've been super sleepy in the afternoons. But I've found that if I go over and pick up one of the pillows in Sadie's "Pillow House" (which you can actually see at my feet in the picture) she zooms over and grabs the other two and drags them into the middle of the room. Then she gets her tiny doll blanket out that came with her Bitty Baby (who we call Lucy) and puts it next to my face. After that she grabs the bottle full of water that she plays with when she's playing with her dolls, and brings it over and pretends she's feeding me. If I try to get up and sit on the couch, she grabs my hand and drags me back over to the pillow fort that she's built and insists that I lay down. Every few minutes she'll come over and adjust the blankets and the bottle (once when she noticed it wasn't in my mouth and she thought it should be, she grabbed my cheeks and held it in place) and plop down next to me and shower me with kisses and hugs.

It's definitely making the exhaustion that's been setting in easier! Although for some reason I'm always surprised when she brings over her trucks and starts piling them on top of me. I may get to rest, but Mommy is fun to play with even when she's not "allowed" to move!

Hopefully I'll have some successful sewing pictures up soon. I started one of the Vintage Vogue Patterns yesterday and so far there haven't been any major disaster (that I've discovered anyways!) yet.

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