Saturday, April 24, 2010

Doctor's Visit #6-28 Weeks- Part 2

The doctor’s appointment today went by very quickly. After the hour and a half drive that it took to get into the City the appointment lasted all of two minutes (at least we only waited for about fifteen minutes from the time we walked into the door until we saw the doctor though!).

My blood pressure was low again (Yay! And the headaches have been few and far between lately) and everything was normal. The doctor said that Maggie is the “perfect” size. She also said that the largest baby she’s ever delivered was around 10 ½ lbs. Upon hearing that answer Paul seemed to get a little competitive and now appears to be hoping for some sort of a record…

I, however, would be thrilled with a 7 lb. baby! It would be much easier on my back… I don’t think it’s going to happen, but I would be thrilled if it did!


  1. LOL That's great. I would be ticked if I spent all that time for a 2 min visit though. We had some like that w/ the Ob we had for our first... not quite that bad, but 5 min was common.

  2. Wouldn't life be so boring without male/female differences. Remember Paul, normal is good.

  3. My husband kept rooting for a 10 lb. baby this last time. I kept telling him, "It's a baby. Not a turkey."

    The first child was 9 lbs. The second was 8.3. We shall see how we do on this one.

    Once again, he's hoping for a 10-pounder.

  4. I'll have to remember the "it's a baby, not a turkey" quote for my husband! He and his brother were twins and came to a grand total of 15 lbs... I just can't imagine carrying that much weight around! Ouch!


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