Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daily Dose of Cuteness: The Princess Bunny Ballerina... Part II

Sadie's usually pretty good at Mass...

She's been going since she was eight days old and she knows supposed to be sit quietly....

She even pays attention for the most part... we sit in the front so she can see everything perfectly and that usually works really well.

We went yesterday and the day before though and it was definitely something of a trial to keep the tiny Princess Bunny quiet. I'm really hoping that this is not a new trend. Today's Daily Dose of Cuteness shows how Sadie passed out on the way home (three hours before nap time) because she was so tired from battling Mommy and Daddy who, for some reason, insisted that she be quiet...

Yesterday she did have a moment of cuteness when Father said "let us begin" and she shouted from the front row "Yay!" but after that she decided it was fun to pinch Mommy (where did that come from?!?!?!) and make sounds like a baby chipmunk chattering away. Daddy had to take her to the back twice and before this week, that hasn't happened in ages!

Paul gets to come with us to Mass this morning too (his new daytime schedule is really working out nicely!) and we're all hoping everything goes smoothly... and that it's not another attack of the Wild Princess Bunny!

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