Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Best News I've Heard in a While!

This news over on Hanc Aquam made my whole entire day:

"Rocco of Whispers in the Loggia is reporting that Archbishop Jose Gomez of San Antonio is going to be appt'ed coadjutor-archbishop of Los Angeles!

This means that when Cardinal Mahony begins his much-deserved retirement in less than a year, Archbishop Gomez will take up the reins of a archdiocese in desperate need of reform, starting with the Religious Education Conference/Circus and moving right on to the dismal condition of seminary education/formation.

Archbishop Gomez is an Opus Dei numerary. And I imagine that the idea that BXVI is going to give one of the Church's largest, wealthiest, and most influential liberal archdioceses to an Opus Dei bishop is going to send the NCR/America/Commonweal/LCWR-types into fits.

Gomez is only 58, so he will have a long, long, long tenure in L.A."
Click here to read Hanc Aquam.

I googled the archbishop last night and everything I read seemed like he would be a great fit for the job that's going to be required to fix the Mahony Mess in L.A. Prayers for Archbishop Jose Gomez as he embarks on this huge task!


  1. that sound of rejoicing you hear, is me :)

  2. So we're losing him? I wonder who's coming here... I don't hear much since we're Maronite & have our own Bishops (diff ones), but still.

  3. I also rejoiced at this excellent news!

    God bless Pope Benedict - he's truly working hard to save our church ... one step at a time!


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