Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I've Been Working On: Necklaces!

I have been keeping my hands extra busy these last few days. The reason? Necklaces!

I love making rosaries and bracelets, but these last few days while I've been waiting for my next order of cross and rosary centers to come in, I've been hooked on making necklaces (thankfully the crosses arrived yesterday, because I have a line of rosaries without crosses and centers just waiting to be put together and I didn't want to make too many more because I was just getting more and more impatient for my order to arrive!).

Here's what I've come up with so far:

They aren't all posted on my store yet, because I was having so much fun making them, but most of them are. I've almost finished a new favorite with a very simple medal of Mary inside of a silver rose.

Now I have to run and go back to setting up for tomorrow's yard sale... I've been trying to figure out a price for my snowboard (it's a carbon racing board with step in bindings) and found out that it's officially a "vintage" board because it's from the 1990s. I'm feeling old this morning... although that could also be the ten pound baby (she must be that big! really!) that's insisting on sitting in the breach position right below my ribs.

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