Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Take Back All the Worries I Had About Pull Ups!

We are on Day #3 of night time Pull-Ups and I have to take back all the worries that I had about the night time switch. Sadie has not had a diaper leak for two consecutive nights AND it seems that she's actually sleeping better! She slept through the night last night for the first time in months (and I think it was the third time in her entire life).

Amazingly, I also slept through the night last night (and I can honestly say that it was the first time I'd slept through the night since some time during the third trimester when I was pregnant with her... which would put it at sometime around two years ago). I feel so rested this morning!

I want to thank everyone who had advice and ideas on the whole situation! Reading the comments section really did make me feel better.

The way her size 6s currently fit is kind of strange. They're okay when she's standing up. And they're okay when she's sleeping during nap time (which seems to usually be on her side). But at bed time she flips over onto her stomach as soon as I put her down and they just don't work for very long when she's laying that way.

She is kind of tall and skinny for her age (we went to our WIC appointment yesterday and while she only weighed in at 30.6 lbs she was 35 inches tall) so I think the fit at the top of the diaper just may not be tight enough to work when she's lying down. Now that she's weaned and running around like crazy her little milk belly is almost gone (although she eats a ton of food... six times a day!) and I think that's also contributing the diaper fit.

The shape of the 3T-4T Pull Ups fits perfectly though and I was very relieved to learn that some of the brands do actually have pull tabs. Sadie is excited because the new diapers are pink with princesses!

I do think volume was another problem (although she doesn't really drink anything after dinner) but the Pull Ups seem to be handling that too (probably because they are designed for older kids). Sadie does usually drink a couple of sippy cups of milk after she wakes up from her nap between three and four, and while nap time is four whole hours away that's really the only time she drinks a lot all at once (there are always sippies lying around, but after dinner we go straight up for bath time).

So I am relieved by the way the Pull Ups are working out! They are much easier than I imagined when I was busy worrying earlier this week! What a relief!


  1. That's great! We use cloth ones and they def aren't the best for nights, at least not lately... Lately Kalila's been peeing out the entire Indian Ocean every night. Obviously exaggerating, but its pretty bad. Thankfully her diapers hold though.

    I almost asked how old Sadie is until I saw your ticker... They're not too far apart in size... Kalila's only 27 lbs, and a little taller.. 37 inches or so (not sure on that one, was 36 at 2 year visit though). Gotta love the whole tall skinny thing. I miss the chunk though.

  2. I'm so glad that you got great feed back. I thank God every day that I worked at a daycare. Sad but true. I learned about taking care of children so that I'm better prepared to handle my own. And fortunately the people I worked with were very Godly people. I know that there are people out there who work with kids for the money, but the people I worked with truly love each and every one of those children. And that's how it ought to be for anyone who works with kids: parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters, daycare workers. It's sad that that isn't the way it always is.


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