Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Poor Daddy! He’s so embarrassing! The other day we were all finishing up dinner and Sadie was sitting between us in her new little booster seat (she’s graduated from her high chair!). Daddy was playing with her and was loudly humming the Jaws theme song as he leaned in for a kiss.

Sadie, who still thinks that hand signs are a pretty good replacement for language, put her hand up, swatted Daddy’s shoulder and said “Stop!” in a rather annoyed, but perfectly clear voice. Daddy’s singing had embarrassed her!

Paul was wondering if this was the first time he’d embarrassed her, or if this had only been the first time she’d been able to express it. I voted for the later. You see, I remember the time that she sprinted through the living room and tripped over his feet when he was sitting on the couch. Sadie sailed through the air and was on a collision course with the recliner (head first) when Daddy, thinking fast, reached out and caught her. Sadie glanced over at him as she sat up and said, in her most exasperated voice, “Daddy!”

There’s a new sausage commercial where the Dad (who’s the sun) is singing while he’s making breakfast and his two teenage daughters are incredibly embarrassed. Hmmmmm…. That kind of reminds me of Sadie and Daddy eating dinner together!

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