Friday, April 16, 2010

A Sadie and Mommy Day!

We went over our alloted internet usages (which is baffling because no one was on the computer when we supposedly were using it) which means that we've been pretty much cut off from the internet for over 24 hours (when you're over the megabytes allowed on satellite internet, which is something like 120 a day, they slow the connection down so that it's slower than dial up and most pages won't load at all). Thankfully, the 24 hours is over. I really admire all of you who gave up online time totally and completely for Lent!

Sadie has so much energy! I am constantly amazed! Our day today went something like this:

3am- I hear Paul wake up and leave for his long drive down to school.

6:30am- Sadie wakes up and is ready to go! We meet Nani in the kitchen and Sadie greedily grabs her glass of milk and starts to gulp. We go into Nani and Grumpa's living room to watch the morning news. Sadie is a cuddle bug.

7:00am- I run upstairs to get cleaned up and dressed for the day. Sadie and Nani have breakfast.

7:30am- Nani gets ready to take Gigi into town for physical therapy. Sadie and I play and watch Chugginton (a show about trains) and then Curious George (her absolute favorite show in the entire world).

9:00am- Sadie and I sit in the hallway and read board books. She sits still and listens for forty minutes, occasionally grabbing the tractor book and asking me to name the tractors by pointing and squealing.

9:40am- We got into the dining room and pull out the coloring books. Sadie sits in her big girl chair (booster seat) and colors, while I work on the design for a new necklace on my drawing pad.

10:00am- We go upstairs and I work on cleaning the sewing/crafting room, which is piled with knitting and sewing projects. I sort through the pile of fabric scraps and throw out the tiny ones and put the others in a bag to make quilts with. Sadie is thrilled to be in this room because I've been keeping her out of it because it was so messy and reacquaints herself with the toys that are in there.

10:40am- Nani gets home. Sadie has a snack.

11:00am- Sadie, Nani and I head outside for a nature walk. We walk one lap (which is a third of a mile) and stop at the river before heading over to the round pen where Grumpa is lunging Sadie's favorite horse (Blackie). At the river we get to see a river otter and a duck! After watching Grumpa work with Blackie and giving Blackie snuggles (Sadie giggles hysterically when he sniffs her) we decide to get a few more wiggles out and walk another lap.

Nani goes to check on Nini and Gigi and Sadie and I head out on another walk. Halfway around the loop Sadie sees a Killdeer (a little bird that nests on the ground) that is looking for food and chases it, while I chase her. The bird takes off after about twenty feet of running and Sadie runs over to the tree it landed in. I convince her to continue the walk by promising to stop and look at the pink ribbon on the BLM land marker at the bottom of the property. That sends her racing off because usually I hurry her past the ribbon. By now Grumpa is working with Starr so we stop again and watch, before deciding to walk one final lap (a full mile altogether). Before we leave a bald eagle flies over low enough that we can get a clear look at him.

On lap number three the killdeer sees us coming and takes off right away. We stop one last time when we get around the loop and watch Grumpa working with Sammy. Nani and Sadie stay and watch for a few more minutes while I head back to the house to make lunch.

12:30pm- We have "tuni sandwiches" (tuna, with a few additions, on the new thin wheat bread buns I found at Costco, with american cheese melted on it) and oranges. This is a Sadie favorite.

1:00pm- Sadie gets the last of her wiggles out and her eyes are finally starting to get sleepy. I read her Sesame Street Easter book twice before we head upstairs.

1:30pm- Sadie falls asleep. I head downstairs. This is usually my crafting time, but today it becomes my bill paying time. I realize that I haven't balanced my checkbook in a little too long, but thankfully it balances! Then it's on to check emails and internet stuff and write a blog post.

And that's only half a Sadie day!

The rest of the day will include Sadie waking up, going on another walk and playing outside (as long as the threatening clouds that were to the south earlier in the day don't bring rain this afternoon), finishing up some laundry, having dinner, giving Sadie her bath and explaining over and over again why her toy Fischer Price Barn does not have a weather vane when one of her books says that every barn is supposed to have one (this has caused major tantrums in the past).

Opps! Nap time is over! I have to run!


  1. Just wanted to say what a pretty dress in this and you home page picture. Are you wearing more skirts / dresses this pregnancy ?

    I wear skirts almost exclusively and I fine it so hard to find pregnancy dresses full stop let alone ones long enough to be modest. Seems we are all expected to wear jeans ! At least that's all you can buy !


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